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My very good friend, Mona Trimble, was a professional calligraphist, a poet, a quilter and an artist. She held those titles as well as ‘wife’, ‘mom’ and ‘friend’. Alzheimer’s took claim on her wonderful talented life and all too soon she was gone. I have some of her art, a book of her poetry, many pieces of her calligraphy and one of her quilts. I need none of those to remember her but I enjoy and treasure each.

Mona and I spent countless hours over many powerful cups of coffee. We worried about our teenagers, we discussed politics and religion. We were involved in PTA; we supported each other as only true friends can and we trusted each other enough to share family history and secrets. I’ll always miss her.

Mona had one brother and two sisters. Their dad was an alcoholic; their mother chose the wild side of life. The kids were placed with relatives. Mona lived with her maternal grandmother and two uncles. The stories related to her growing up years could easily fill several books; they could have been her ruin but she rose above them all. Once I asked how she rose above it all, “I knew that God loved me”, she responded.

This is one of Mona’s poems that fit so well in this recipe blog!

You are what you eat, they say!

So, I took a good look

In the mirror today,

And sure enough! Gravy and meatballs filled

in my thighs –

My arms mashed potatoes,

My tum, pumpkin pies.

The fruits and the greens

hadn’t stayed like the rest

And the low-calorie yogurt

Had gone to my chest!

Mona Trimble

Me and Mona posing for her daughter.

Watch for some of Mona's recipes in future blogs.

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