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Previously I posted my friend's husbands recipe for salmon patties. (Have you tried them?) Well this is a recipe that Dave touts as THE WORLD'S BEST BAKED BEANS. Coming from Dave that is a really great compliment.

The recipe is from one of their daughter-in-laws (Cathy Wright). Cathy is a graphic designer at Hallmark in Kansas City and again, Dave swears by her recipe for baked beans so I tried it today. I'm taking my baked beans to a cookout with some friends. (It is outdoors and we will do the social distancing.) The beans are cooking now and OH MY GOSH - the aroma is wonderful. I'll report on how they are received at the party tonight.

Here is the recipe:


1 lb. bacon 1 can red kidney beans, drained 1 sweet onion (not yellow) 1 can white northern beans, drained

1 sm. green pepper 1 can pinto beans, drained 1 cup brown sugar 1 can green lima beans

1 TBSP molasses 1 can pork & beans 1 ½ cup K.C. Masterpiece Original BBQ sauce

Fry bacon and drain well. Leave half the grease in the skillet, discard rest.

Sauté the onion and green pepper in bacon grease. Drain remaining grease.

Add brown sugar, molasses and BBQ sauce.

Allow to stew and cook for a few minutes then pour into a crock pot along with all the cans of beans. Stir in crumbled bacon.

Simmer until hot – enjoy!

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