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My daughter, Connie Torgerson, created this pretty salad. She says it is very simple to make and I can testify that it is delicious. One thing she strongly recommends ' SHOP AT SAM'S'. That is where she found these particular ingredients.

- Bel Gioioso Fresh Mozzarella balls marinated in a blend of herbs and oils.

- Sunset Flavor Bomb cherry tomatoes on the vine.

- English cucumbers.

Soak cucumbers and tomatoes for 30 minutes in a sink of cold water with a cup of vinegar. Remove tomatoes from the vine while soaking.  Rinse and drain dry.

Cut ends off cucumbers and design peal (in strips, length wise leaving some of the green. Slice in ½ inch pieces.  I use an old tool of Larry's grandma Hilda.  I don't the what the name of it is, we call it the 'crinkle slicer thingy' 😊.  If you know what it is called please educate us.  I included it in the photo.

Mix sliced cucumber and tomatoes in a large bowl.  Shake the Bel Gioioso mozzarella balls, oils and herbs well before pouring over cucumbers and tomatoes.  Refrigerate.

Connie's added note: "I added onion this time and would appreciate any other suggestions to add for fresh goodness!"

We were stationed at Fort Richardson Alaska when Connie was born. She was born just a few months after Alaska became the 49th state

On the right:

The 'Simple Summer Salad' with the crinkle slicer thingy!!!

Bottom: Connie and Larry


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