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PUSS 'n BOOTS cookie jar with old recipe

My Grandma Marian (Neilson) Nelson had a Puss 'n Boots cookie jar in her kitchen as long as I remember. It was always filled with cookies. After Grandma died, sadly, that special cookie jar got broken somehow! But no worries!

My cousin Preston and his wife Nancy purchased Grandpa and Grandma’s house after Grandpa’s death. Somehow, somewhere, they found the old cookie jar and had it repaired. I remember the announcement after it was repaired and ‘home’. Preston announced to our family, “The cat is back”! We were all pleased with that announcement and many of us have stopped by their home to see that special old cookie jar that has returned to Grandma’s kitchen!

Earlier this week, I was wandering around in an antique store in Canton South Dakota. I looked up into a glass cupboard and there was a beautiful Puss ‘n Boots cookie jar! I bought it and brought it home. Today I baked an old OATMEAL COOKIE recipe (found on the oatmeal box) and put them into my new old cookie jar! It looks good in my kitchen – almost like Grandma’s did in her kitchen!

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