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We have made these to serve at open houses for graduation, bridal & baby showers and for wedding receptions. Making these together with others is so rewarding….. it may be similar to the quilting bees that my grandmother shared with her friends. Not quite :-), but it is a good time to keep your hands busy while you visit with each other. 

(You’ll need rubber mint molds.)

(NOTE: 8 oz of cream cheese makes 90 to 100 mints)

3 oz. cream cheese

¼ tsp. flavoring (peppermint, winter green)

¼ tsp. Kitchen Clatter butter flavoring

Add food coloring

Add ½ bag powdered sugar (little at a time) until you have to knead with your hands and it forms a big ball – not sticky or chalky any more.

Take off a small piece and roll in granulated sugar then put into mint mold to shape. Pop out onto wax paper and allow all mints to ‘settle’

My oldest daughter banished me from molding mints at first because my mints weren’t ‘perfect’… Since then I’m trying my best to do it properly and I think I’d pass her inspections now.

Mmmmm  I can almost taste them when I look at this picture!!!

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