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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

This recipe is for one gallon of ice cream.


· 6 eggs

· 3 cups white sugar

· 6 teaspoons vanilla

· 1 teaspoon salt 1 quart cream Milk (see below*)

Beat eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt together with electric mixer until very well mixed. Slowly beat in

- 1 quart cream just until mixed together. Pour this mixture in gallon freezing container and add milk* until it is about 4 inches from the top. Freeze immediately in a hand turned or electric turning freezer.

Our family has enjoyed homemade ice cream since I remember.

years ago my Dad and uncles took turns cranking a hand turned freezer filled with farm fresh cream and milk. All of us youngsters would hang around watching them - anxiously waiting BUT as soon as the cranking was done they would take the paddle out, pack more ice and salt around the inside of the casing then wrap the whole works in a heavy wool blanket and set it under a shade tree to 'cure'. The wait seemed eternal but it was always worth it.

Now we have it so easy with electric ice cream freezers,

The following is our processing method::

Do remember to have a box of ICE CREAM SALT along with a couple large bags of ice before you start. Once you have the container filled with the above recipe place three layers of waxed paper over the top before you place the lid on top. Put the container into the freezer bucket, secure the electric motor apparatus onto the top;

then layer ice and salt around the inside and turn the motor on. You must keep an eye on the operation and add more ice and salt as needed. When the paddle is laboring to move around its time to unplug the freezer, remove the paddle, replace the lid (place more waxed paper over the top first). Place container back into the freezer - cover with remaining ice and salt and cover with a wool blanket or something that will hold the cold. It will be 'cured' and ready to eat in about one hour. It will be worth the wait!

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