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Don't toss out your left-over mashed potatoes!!!! Use them to make LEFSE

There were some leftover mashed potatoes from dinner last week - just as I was about to put them down the garbage disposal, I made a quick decision to use them to make some lefse. (Lefse is a flat Norwegian bread.) I mixed flour into the potatoes until I could form balls from them; rolled the balls out on a floured surface then placed them on a hot griddle - turn them after they bubble a bit and brown the other side.

I cooled them on a dish towel then wrapped them individually in waxed paper and took some to my two brothers for an early Christmas treat! (Our family has lefse every Christmas.) Both brothers were elated!

FYI... you smear butter and sprinkle sugar on the lefse - roll it up to eat.

NOTE: When I was in Norway we used lefse as a wrap for hotdogs! Actually that tasted pretty good.

These lefse certainly don't look very professional BUT they tasted wonderful!

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