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Kae is a friend I refer to as ‘Ms Organizer Personified’. Perhaps there are others who are as organized as Kae but I haven’t met them yet. She has incredible organizational skills and yet she doesn’t frown on someone like me – who doesn’t! When our children were young she would come to my house for a cup of morning coffee with her three little kids – all bathed, dressed and fed… I’d still be in my p.j.s and robe! I always looked forward to our visits and I watched her with great interest as I tried to garner some of her skills. I noticed that she was perpetually cleaning and organizing; it was so natural to her that you'd hardly notice - for instance she would have a dish cloth in her hand and when returning foods into the frig she'd wipe off a refrigerator shelf - or she kept decorative sheets and pillow covers on the kid's beds and in the morning the top cover would get rolled up and placed on a closet shelf - the beds always looked perfect. Her family put their laundry in the laundry room instead of in a clothes hamper; her laundry never piled up. Organization is simply just a part of Kae. She keeps everything simple. After her children grew up she and her daughter had an ‘organizing’ business. They organized people’s kitchens, offices, garages, closets. I've encouraged her to write a book to share her skills with the rest of us but she can’t see that her skills are beyond anyone else's. She and her husband now live in Arizona and I miss her.

One of the times that she invited me for lunch she served Chicken Tortillas. Of course I asked for the recipe because it is oh so delicious and it is so quick and easy to make.

3 chicken breasts – boiled ‘til done (remove skin and bones)

6 flour tortillas

2 cans creamy chicken mushroom soup

1 can of mild green chilies

4 c. cheddar cheese

1 onion – chopped

Heat soup and chilies, add cooked chicken and ½ chopped onion.

Fill tortillas with mixture and sprinkle with cheese

(Spray pan with Pam) Roll up and place in pan (seam side down)

Cover with the left over toppings ( ½ chopped onion and cheese)

Heat in 350° oven for at least 30 minutes

My friend Kae.

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