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If you are short on time/energy but need to bake something to take to a pot luck meal or need a quick treat to serve guests or for any other reason, this just may be the perfect recipe for you. It is so simple, I think you'll be happy you found this recipe.. I found it on my friend's (Linda Steffen) Facebook page.

Linda was raised on a Nebraska farm; she has great stories of how she worked along side her Dad. After she married she worked along side her husband Tom. She is no stranger to work! She worked in our office and is absolutely the most conscientious, efficient, dedicated and hard working people I've known. Besides doing the office duties, she forever and always came up with the most delicious desserts to share with all of us. As stated above, she recently shared this recipe on her Facebook page. I loved its simplicity so I tried it and I was not disappointed.

I used butter rather than margarine and Wilderness Cherry Pie Filling in mine. We served it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream which made it even better.

This is a photo of Linda. She is quite a lady!

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