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Caramel has always been my favorite 'sweet' so when Rose posted this recipe on face book I took notice - copied it - then made it (see the picture). I have all kinds of ideas of how I can use this caramel in recipes - first of all we'll use it over home-made ice cream this weekend!

Recipe: 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1/2 cup heavy cream 4 Tablespoons butter Pinch of sea salt 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract Melt butter in pot, mix in brown sugar, cream and salt. Cook over low-medium heat and whisk gently for about 7 minutes (longer if you doubled the recipe). Remove from heat, add vanilla and return to cook for another minute or so to thicken more. Pour into jar then pop it into the fridge.

Right top: Caramel sauce

Right bottom #1: Rose (Bellus) Bostwick and husband Jerry.

Many times blended families don't work out so well but these two are the right mix for the task. Each of them brought children to the family and they've made it work so well - I equate them to the 'Brady Bunch'.

They both cook and bake a LOT. I'll have more of their recipes on future blogs.

Rose keeps the grandchildren in the kitchen with her whenever she can.

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