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Today I was at my hairdressers (Lori's) for a haircut. Of course, some of our conversation was centered

around this weekend's Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles football teams. We talked about what food we'd be preparing for the special event. Lori said her twin sons have asked her to fix the chip dip that she has been making for many years. "In fact, "Lori shared, " when we've been invited to many events such as this weekend's, my friends ask, 'You are bringing your dip, aren't you Lori?'"

I stopped at the market on my way home to purchase the ingredients so my family can have some of this special food on Sunday. You have time to get the ingredients for your family/friends for Sunday too.

Brown hamburger - drain

Add to the hamburger - in a crockpot set on a low heat: Original Velveeta cheese Mexican Velveeta cheese Salsa sauce (about one cup) Milk to make the consistency right for dipping (1 to 2 cups).

Also, remember to review the recipe for Best ever cream cheese rolls that I shared quite some time ago..... it is a perfect recipe to start out SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!

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