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SALMON - The Norwegian Way

In her genealogy research, my cousin, Mary Ann Tapey, found our family in Norway. We learned that some of our family still lived there. Mary Ann will not fly so I went with her mom (my Aunt Charlotte) to meet the newly discovered relatives. The family farm is named SKARTLIEN FARM in Torpe Norway. Skartlien is our Norwegian family name. The relatives living there shared some great stories with us, gave us a piece of wood from the home my Great Grandfather, Christian Skartlien Martinson left in 1860. We had a wonderful trip.

Our Norwegian family treated us like royalty; we savored each day along with every meal and celebration they planned for us. The night before we left Oslo to come home we stayed with a young cousin (Anne Helen Skartlien ) and her young family. Anne Helen's father gifted me with an original carving he had made. Anne Helen prepared a meal of salmon (served with a white sauce) and boiled potatoes plus side dishes. It was the tastiest salmon I've ever eaten. I have prepared salmon with this recipe since because it is not only quick and easy, it is delicious.


- Boil water with six peppercorns for ten minutes - Add the salmon and boil until it can be flaked with a fork.

- Serve immediately with white sauce


-Melt butter -Stir in flour, salt & pepper - when thoroughly heated

-Stir in whole milk or cream -Add fresh parsley (optional)

**Depending on how much salmon you have boiled determines the amount of sauce you need to prepare

(Disclaimer: The photo is copied from an Internet site)

Photo of the original carving by Norwegian cousin, Melvin Skartlien.

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