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SALMON CAKES – Very tasty 👌

Updated: May 17, 2020

I am fortunate for the friends! We met Dave & Wanda Wright when we lived in Overland Park Kansas. Wanda and I became friends when we worked at the Kansas City Service Center. The Wrights still live in that area; we moved to South Dakota but we keep in close communication. Prior to our move to SD they helped us with our ‘ESTATE SALE’ plus we spent a good amount of time together doing fun things. We accumulated a lot of good memories through the years - even now when we travel back and forth to visit each other..

Wanda wrote the following poem and published it in a recipe booklet that some of their other friends put together. It is a bit clever, don’t you think?

Shall We Eat?

There is a certain pleasure And a genuine delight

In sharing gourmet treasures

To appease the appetite.

Some folks are plump; some are thin - Some keep their figures neat and trim.

While others in a happy mood - will eat most any kind of food.

Within this book you are sure to find a pleasing treat of every kind

And all prepared to meet the test

By friends we know and love the best!

The following is the recipe for Dave's Salmon Cakes. It is his mother’s recipe.


4 strips bacon, browned crispy and crushed

(Save part of bacon grease)

MIX TOGETHER 3 eggs ½ chopped onion ⅟5 cup whole milk

1 can Salmon (drained with black scales removed)

½ tsp. black pepper

25 – 30 saltine crackers – crushed

Sprinkle with crushed hot red peppers

ADD crushed bacon pieces and mix AFTER MIXING, LET SET IN REFRIGERATOR ABOUT 30 MINUTES Form into patties, Place in fry pan using bacon grease or other oil. Brown on both sides. (Before eating, sprinkle with lemon juice for added flavor.)

I think you will agree that this is a great way to prepare canned salmon.

The photo on the right is of Dave and Wanda Wright. They are a great couple.

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Dad (Ray Husk) was always a great cook. One recipe everyone asked for was his potato salad : Boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, sliced onion, dressing: 1 c miracle whip, 1/2 c half and half, 1/4 c sugar, salt and pepper. A dash of mustard. Mix together. Always better the next day. When mom and dad were married dad said mom could not boil water. This surprises me as Grandma Maude Whitsett was an amazing cook. Mom however became a fantastic cook later in life. Funny though she never liked cooking.

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