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POP CYCLES "Hello Summer"

Lillian (Nelson) William’s POP CYCLES

After my mother-in-law passed away, my father-in-law married a lovely lady whose name was Lillian Nelson. Our family loved and respected her. She didn't try to ‘take over’ any family position or anything else; she was always 'just there’ to lend a helping hand and an encouraging word. She took care of my father-in-law through his Alzheimer’s and was by his side until his death.

Lillian's parents immigrated to South Dakota from Denmark. They were successful farmers and were able to travel several times back to Denmark. On those trips they brought gifts back for each of their children. One of Lillian's gifts was amber necklace. In one of the beads there is an imbedded insect. That necklace now is mine. I treasure it. Lillian and I had a special 'connection' because her only child who died as an infant and I shared the same birthdate.. Lillian kept pop cycles ready in the freezer for all the little ones. This was

her recipe.

To 2 cups boiling water, add:

1 pkg. Jell-O

1 pkg. Kool Aid 1 cup sugar

Mix for at least two minutes then add:

1 cup cold water

Pour into pop cycle molds and freeze

To control any messy melting place the pop cycle stick through the center of a coffee filter.

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