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PIZZA BREAD SNACK - from Joe Mauro

Joe worked with my husband at the Omaha Post Office. He was one of those guys you always looked forward to spending time with. He was funny; he was intelligent and he was multi-talented. Every Easter he delivered Easter bread to us that he'd prepared by weaving boiled and decorated eggs into bread dough somehow. I don’t have his Easter bread recipe but it certainly was a great treat. I think he may have enjoyed baking bread because he also made this quick Pizza Bread when we visited he and his wife's home. It is a great snack along with chips and a cold drink.

Mix together:

1 small jar pizza sauce

Crushed sweet basil


Spread on Italian bread Sprinkle with

Parmesan cheese

1 # browned hamburger

Generous amount of Mozzarella cheese &

parsley flakes (optional)

Bake in 350° oven for about 10 minutes

Joe's Pizza bread snack

And this is a photo of Joe. What a great guy!

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