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This recipe is from my friend, Patti Vig. I did share another recipe from her; it was for a ‘HEALTHY SNACK’. Well, this isn’t what I’d classify as a ‘healthy’ snack but it is an absolutely perfect and tasty recipe for candy.

Put these ingredients on your grocery shopping list and set up your crock pot. You will want to make these candies.

Patti Vig Candy recipe

Please in a crockpot set on low:

· 1 oz (4 squares) Bakers unsweetened chocolate

· 2 pkg dark chocolate almond bark (broken up)

· 1 pkg white almond bark (broken up)

· 1 12 oz bag semi-sweet Nestles chocolate chips

· 48 oz lightly salted cocktail peanuts (Patti uses 3 16 oz containers)

Put the lid on and leave for three (3) hours. DO NOT OPEN DURING THIS TIME

Stir and drop onto parchment paper or wax paper in spoons full.

NOTE: These freeze very well.


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