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A friend (Lonnette Kelley) teaches gourmet cooking classes; owned and operated a B&B where she prepared all the food; and has published a recipe book. I asked her to cater lunch for my Mahjonng group this past weekend and BOY OH BOY DID SHE! The following are photos along with her recipes.


1 recipe (6 oz) prepared white sauce 6 c. prepared whipped potatoes

1 pkg frozen puff pastry sheets (prepare in advance) Salt and Pepper to taste 3 c sautéed chicken breasts, cubed Ham, Julienne

1 (10 oz) pkg frzn peas & carrots (prepared)

The day before serving, prepare your favorite recipe for white sauce. (Melt butter in saucepan, stir in flour and heat adding milk, stir until thickened.)

Prepare whipped potatoes.

Prepare puff pastry cups Puff Pastry Shells: Prepare as directed on package using 1 sheet at a time. With a pastry brush spread melted butter over sheet then add another sheet. Spread with more melted butter until you have a total of 3 sheets. Cut into squares large enough to lay over greased, covered oven-safe coffee mugs, draping over the sides but not touching the table. Place each mug and pastry shell onto a cookie sheet and bake as directed in oven until lightly browned. Remove and immediately, very carefully remove the shell. Turning upright place shells on another cookie sheet and allow them to cool. Use immediately or store in cool dry area for 1-2 days before using.

Day of serving: Prepare chicken cubes by cooking in frypan in butter. Warm the white sauce, add chicken cubes, precooked peas and carrots. Season with salt and white pepper to taste. (May add a little more cream as needed to keep sauce a nice flowing consistency.)

When ready to serve, place one scoop of warmed mashed potatoes into puff pastry cup. Ladle creamed chicken over top. Garnish with julienne strips of imitation crab and Colby-Jack on top and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Enjoy!

Note: A ‘Signature’ luncheon dish. Well worth the extra work for all the rave reviews!

All the recipes are in her Recipe book. Call 701-331-9513 to order.

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