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A VERY SPECIAL RECIPE – from a very special lady

Three years ago, I purchased my home from Martha Soeth. Martha had lived in this house for 77 years! Martha passed away last night at the age of 103. She was quite a lady. This particular blog is in her memory.

In 1940 Martha married a widower who owned this two-story house. He had four children; they added two more children to their family and raised them here. After her husband died, she faced more loss as each of the six children passed away through the years. Martha did remarry; but she outlived him too. Martha was so pleased that she had grandchildren who loved and cared for her. She was active in her church and kept active with her neighbors and friends. Shortly prior to her 100th birthday Martha moved into a nursing home; that is when I purchased her home from her.

The house is a lovely home but it needed a lot of updating inside and out. I’m fortunate to have sons who cleared the six-lot property of brush and trees and remodeled the inside. I truly love living here.

On a Sunday afternoon two years ago I invited Martha, her family and her friends to come to see the changes in the home. I served coffee, tea, banana nut bread and cookies. They brought cream puffs, pumpkin muffins and cheese cake. We had a regular feast of goodies along with great conversations about their memories in this house as well as their stories about Martha’s wonderful baking skills. They told me that the cream puffs were made from one of her recipes. Of course, I asked for the recipe.

This afternoon I used Martha’s recipe to bake cream puffs in remembrance of Martha and served them to members of my family. We reminisced about Martha and shared how thankful we are that we could live in the house she had cared for – for seventy-seven years!


  • Bring to a boil: 1 cup water 1 stick butter

Then add: 1 cup flour and stir until it makes a ball – remove from heat

Then add: 4 eggs (one at a time) and beat until fluffy

  • Drop by scant TBSPs on Parchment paper on cookie sheet Bake in 400⁰ oven 25 – 30 minutes (until browned)

FILLING: Mix large pkg instant French vanilla pudding with 1 cup milk When firm add some cool whip


Below: Cream Puff tea in honor of Martha Soeth - January 24, 2021

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