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RECIPE for Candy Turtles

Berniece's first husband was killed when his pickup went through a bridge railing and plunged into a creek. They had three children - one of whom (daughter, Nancy, was my life long friend) Berniece later married my Dad's good friend, Eugene.

Interestedly my brother, Lionel, married Nancy and we all remained life long friends. Eugene and Berniece most always gathered with us at our family Christmases and Berniece generally provided us with the best Turtle candy; so, of course, I got her recipe.

The recipe has been in my possession now for a lot of years and I had never used it until today! I must say that I most definitely treasure the memory of Berniece's Turtles because they weren't easy (for me at least) to make. I have a recipe for fudge that I will share on another blog that works extremely well but I don't think I'm a true candy maker. I did struggle through the process of creating these Turtles however and will share the recipe so you can make a special treat for YOUR Valentine!


1 # caramel candy

3 TBSP half & half - or - canned milk (I'll use 2 TBSP next time I make this)

3 TBSP light corn syrup (I'll use 2 TBSP next time I make this)

1 cup pecans

2 6oz pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/4 # paraffin wax


Unwrap caramels and melt slowly in a heavy saucepan

Add syrup and half & half using lowest heat

Add nuts while mix is hot

Drop in mounds on wax paper - allow to cool

Melt chocolate chips and paraffin together in heavy saucepan

Peel candy from waxed paper and using tongs, dip candy in chocolate/paraffin mixture

Place on waxed paper to cool

Some of the TURTLE candy boxed up and ready to share on Valentine's Day. (Actually they are very delicious!)

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