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I just have to share this idea/recipe on my blog tonight because it was absolutely a perfect and light dessert - saying nothing about how effortless it was to make!

I was invited for dinner to honor my late son-in-law's birthday. I asked, 'What can I bring?' My daughter Connie responded, 'Well, would you like to bring a dessert?' I didn't want to make a heavy or oversweet dessert because of diabetes in our family. I decided to bake an angel food cake. As it was baking, I thought about what to frost it with. Again, I didn't want anything oversweet so I decided to try something new.

After the cake cooled, I prepared a package of Junket (I added a cinnamon stick and one teaspoon of lemon). I used a serving fork to punch holes down through the top of the baked cake and poured the prepared Junket into those spaces and over the top. The result was a wonderful surprise! Perfect light dessert and it was delicious! (Connie offered a dip of ice cream to whoever desired.)

I highly recommend my new discovery!

If you are not familiar with Junket, this is a picture of the package. It is easy to prepare, just add it to water, bring to a boil and boil for one minute! WA LA!

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